Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student Engage v10.4

Friday – April 30, 2021

Unifyed Student – Engage | Release 10.4

Unifyed Student – Engage 10.4 Highlights

Chat – Mute Chat and Chat Rooms

Users would be able to mute/unmute notifications from specific chat and/or chat rooms.


My Drive | Sorting

Users would be able to sort items in ‘My Drive’.


My Drive | File Size Visibility

Users would be able to view the size of the uploaded file. Also, the file upload size has been increased to a maximum of 50 Mb.


My Drive | Multiple Files Download

Users would be able to download, delete and/or move multiple files at once using the adjacent checkboxes.


Smart Articles’ Integration with My Drive

Users would be able to use the existing ‘My Drive’ files while creating and/or editing their smart articles.


Ability to Update Sender Info

Users would be able to send emails on behalf of others. This is facilitated through the ‘Select Email “From” Aliases’ dropdown.

  • The admin can enable this option through ‘Preferences’ present in the Profile dropdown
  • The aliases could be added through Messaging applet’s configuration (accessible from Unifyed Appstore)


Icons in Favorites Menu & App Groups

Prior to this release, whenever items were added to the Favorites Menu or an App Group, their corresponding icons used to disappear. The issue has been rectified now.


Unifyed Groups | HTML Rendering

Prior to this release, HTML was not getting rendered in the group description. The issue has been rectified now.


Unifyed Groups – Spaces Getting Stripped in Connect

Prior to this release, some spaces were getting stripped from a Connect post (from within a Unifyed Group) and it was not possible to add those spaces back again. The issue has been rectified now.

About Unifyed

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Prospective customers can book a demo or email engage@unifyed.com for further information. Existing customers can email their Customer Success Managers or unifyedcs@unifyed.com for further information.