New Features  

My To-Dos

A tenant/messaging admin can add/create To-Dos for users from Messaging via the newly created To-Do channel. To add it to Messaging as a channel, the same steps as adding other channels to Messages are required to be followed.

Activity Logs

This new feature Studio Activity Log presents tenant admins with the logs of any change made in the portal. It tracks studio and applet level changes. It can be accessed via Studio > Settings > Studio Activity Log. E.g. If an admin has updated an article on a page of the portal, then Studio Activity Log would capture that information and display that who, when & what applet was updated. It will not track the exact change/modification in the article.

Multiple Yoda Chat

Yoda chat has been enhanced for the chat agents. A chat window with multiple users in different tabs will open for the Yoda chat agent. The agents can chat with different users via switching between tabs.

Post Logout URL Setup

This enhancement upgrades Unifyed Engage ability to allows tenant admins to set up a post logout URL for users. After logout the users will be directed to the URL that was entered in Studio > Settings > Landing Page > Post Logout.

Clickable Files in My Drive

Unifyed Engage My Drive has been upgraded to make it more user friendly and easy to use. The files upload in My Drive cannot be downloaded with just a click on them. The same functionality of the download button has been upon clicking the file.

Managing All Unifyed Groups

A tenant had to be the group admin first to make any changes in that group. This functionality has been enhanced that allows tenant admins to manage/edit even those Unifyed Groups which they are not admin of.

About Unifyed

Unifyed™ is the only AI-first, microservices-based, cloud-native student information system provider and serves over 750 colleges and universities in seven countries. Unifyed is a beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed to help partner colleges and universities recruit, engage, educate, retain and graduate 21st century students. Developed by Columbia University in partnership with the higher education community, our solution is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.

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