Unifyed Announces General Availability of Unifyed Student – Engage v10.1.4

January 22, 2021

Engage 10.1.4 Highlights

Configure Pre-Login Landing Page — The tenant admins can now configure/set up a page or an applet having public role from RBAC as a landing page before login to the portal. The pre-login page would appear upon hitting the URL of the portal and will have a login option on it.

Yoda ChatBot Feedback — Unifyed Engage users now can send feedback for their online conversation with Yoda ChatBot. All the submitted feedbacks would be stored and displayed on the portal itself and will be accessible only to tenant admins.

Upload Custom Icons for Applets — This enhancement allows the tenant admins to upload custom applet icons. Only PNG format icons are allowed for upload with a maximum pixel size of 512*512 and minimum pixel size of 128*128.

View Members – Unifyed Groups — This release upgrades Unifyed Groups to display the list of the group members by clicking the icon on the homepage of the groups. This enhancement is for mobile and portal both environments.

ADA & VAPT Enhancements — Unfiyed Engage product has been enhanced for with several ADA and VAPT improvements to make the product more secure, robust and better aligned with globally acclaimed security and UI guidelines. These improvements have been done with multiple modules of the product on both environments – mobile and portal

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com