Unifyed Announces General Availability of Engage v12.0

Friday – Oct 28, 2022

Unifyed Engage 12.0

New Features

Navigation A Menu Builder — Add Filter Option for Web and Mobile

The Navigation & Menu Builder function which is used to define the menu on both mobile and web has been enhanced to filter between the applets visible on web vs those displayed on the mobile app. This allows the administrator to easily see what is displayed on either platform.

My Drive & Community Drive – Added Field Filter

A new configuration option has been added to both the My Drive and Community Drive applets that allows the administrator to determine which of the fields related to the document to display.


  • Security Improvement on Tenant Administrator Permissions
  • Connect Applet – Copy / Paste Images into new Connect Post
  • Impersonate User – Enhanced to include Applets
  • Yoda Virtual Assistant – Enhanced to Yoda Analytics
  • Notifications Applet – Clicking Notification Opens Full Notification
  • Global Search – Metadata Included in Custom Applets now Searchable
  • Engage Analytics – Enhancement to Views by Device
  • Yoda Virtual Assistant – Alignment Issue in Multi-Response Intent
  • Yoda Virtual Assistant – View Offline Messages by Agent
  • Global Search – Correctly Indexing All Content
  • Yoda Virtual Assistant – Enhancement to Feedback Functionality

Accessibility Compliance

Along with the platform, this release is compliant to WCAG 2.1 AA.

Supported Browser & Devices

This release is supported on the following browsers and devices:

Supported Devices  
Device Operating System
Android Version 10
iPad Version 13.1
iOS Version 12 and Above
Supported Browsers  
Browser Version
Chrome 84.0.4147.89 & above
Edge 84.0.522.48 & above
Firefox 79.0 & above
Safari 12.0 & above

About Unifyed

Unifyed is a pioneer in higher education software and serves over 150 colleges and universities around the world. Unifyed partners with colleges and universities to deliver affordable solutions that help recruit, engage, educate, retain and graduate 21st century students.

For the detailed release note please visit : my.unifyed.com