New Features  

Configurable time option agent wise & option to control Ringing volume

Configurable/ schedulable time option has been provided for agents in a department. Now Agent will not get chat request unnecessarily before or after that schedule time. Ring Volume Button has also been created.

Configurable time option for Yoda chatbot

Time Option has been configured to control the Yoda chatbot welcome message. This can be managed by Studio > Chatbot Manager > Welcome message.



Configurable message

Message option while connecting to Live chat agent has been configured. Colleges can also add their custom messages if they don’t want to display the default message. This can be managed by Studio > Chat > Handoff Workflows.

Monitoring of Login chat agent

The live chat agent now can see if the department they are transferring the chat is having a live agent or not or Admin can also see if any department agent is not active in scheduled hours.

Limit CAP on Email message delivery process

Previously there was no limit described for receiving emails through server due to which exchange server was showing ‘not responding’ error many times, now Limit CAP has been added on Email message delivery process.

Visit user profile

Under applets like Connect, Clubs & Groups(where user’s profile image can be seen), now clicking on the User will take you to the user’s profile and also request for DM(Direct Message) can be placed.


Bug Fixes 

Groups Applet

Prior to this release: Groups Applet was not working properly on mobile phones, it has been fixed now.

Page Template repeats

Before this Release If the user created a template with a page and later if user deleted that page then the template was also getting deleted. Issue has been fixed and now page cannot be deleted if used as a template.

Mailto Link Issue

Prior to this release, when user was trying to open a “mailto” link & was getting a new window filled with code and not an email in Connect Posts. Issue has been resolved.

Friendly URL

Now we can create friendly URL also for pages under site group “Help Desk”.

About Unifyed

Unifyed™ is the only AI-first, microservices-based, cloud-native student information system provider and serves over 750 colleges and universities in seven countries. Unifyed is a beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed to help partner colleges and universities recruit, engage, educate, retain and graduate 21st century students. Developed by Columbia University in partnership with the higher education community, our solution is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.

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