Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student – Admit v10.6

June 04 2021

Unifyed Student – Admit 10.6 Highlights

New Shortcodes in Decision Tasks

Institute users now have an option to add SIS ID and SIS unique ID as shortcodes in Email and paper mail decision tasks.

Configurable Age Limit

Institute users will now be able to define age restrictions for incoming Prospects and Applicants. These settings can be applied at the institute level or the Calendar Type level.

Graduate Assistantship Section

We have introduced a new section for Graduate Assistantship fields enabled on the Application form. Applicants can apply for Assistantship programs using this section.

Fields Reorganization on Forms

With this release, demographic and personal section fields on the forms are reorganized. Also, we have a new section for Citizenship that encapsulates all fields related to citizenship.

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com