Unifyed Announces General Availability of Student – Admit v10.4

Mar 05 2021

Admit 10.4 Highlights

  • Document signature: Institute users now have an option to create a checklist through which they can get a document or agreement signed by the applicant. User can get the document signed in two ways – either by allowing the applicant to click on an agreement text or by signing the document by uploading or typing a signature.
  • Reusable Templates: Institute users will now be able to define email and document templates that can be reused in Automated/Ad-hoc Communication Tasks, Decision tasks and Checklist items (Document Signature and Recommendation Letter).
  • Recommendation Letter: Institute users will now get an option to create a checklist through which they can get a recommendation letter for an applicant from a recommender. User will find an option Recommendation Letter in the Checklist Item Type field.
  • Applicant tasks active after application submission: With this release, an option to mark a task as active after submission of an application task, is available while defining an application task.
  • Historical Communication – bulk Upload: Users can now upload historical communication sent out to Prospect/Applicants by using our Bulk Upload utility.

For the detailed release note please visit: my.unifyed.com