Latest Release Update for Unifyed Admit Packs New Features and Enhancements for Modern Student Recruitment Experience

Tuesday – January 15, 2019

Continued Development Of Unifyed Admit Includes New Features To Deliver Modern Student Recruitment Experience

Unifyed recently announced its plan to deliver a cloud-based, next generation student information system that is beautiful and easy-to-use solution designed with an analytics-first approach to increasing student enrollment and engagement. Developed in partnership with the higher education community, Unifyed Student is both affordable and flexible to meet the needs of traditional and non-traditional institutions alike.

We bring to you our first release announcement and upgrades to Unifyed Admit – the enrollment and admission CRM of the SIS. Designed to act independently as a CRM or as a part of the SIS, Unifyed Admit streamlines the entire recruiting process. Here are some of the key functionalities:


  • Insight into prospect potential
  • Integration to your SIS
  • Flexible and filterable analytics dashboard
  • Automatic recruiter/admission counsellor assignment
  • Communication and applicant checklist
  • Academic Calendars


Two New APIs To Consume & Transmit Prospect and Applicant Data

You can now consume and transmit prospect and applicant data between any application using our two new APIs. These new APIs help you integrate with a range of student information systems to enable secure, relevant and timely updating and extraction of student activity and engagement information.

What the two new APIs help you achieve:

  • Outbound API – Applicant Data: This API enhances our capability to share applicant record data with any third-party system via REST API’s.
  • Inbound API – Prospect Data: It enhance Unifyed’s capability to consume prospect record data with any third-party system via REST API’s.
  • Creating & Editing New Courses is Not a Hassle Anymore


Prospect / Applicant Record Locking

This feature prevents simultaneous access to update data, to prevent inconsistent results. If one user is working with a record, system would allow the second user to access the record. However, would only allow to make changes to one user at one time, system would provide a message to the other user about the changes and updated in the data and if they would like to view the updated data so that they can make their changes and save the record.


Basic Field Management

Now extend admin access to rename labels for fields so that you can customize the terminology to suit the institution’s requirements. This setting could apply across the individual institutions, campuses, or schools.


SMS Communication

Delivers capability to easily transmit short messaging (SMS) to prospects, applicants or both.


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