An Award-Winning CMS Developed by Unifyed for Queensland University of Technology

Thursday – March 30, 2017

Miami, FL

Unifyed developed a web content management solution (WCMS) for Queensland University of Technology, called Digital Workplace, which won the Gold Award at Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards. Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards recognize outstanding innovations in the field of digital and technical workplace on a global level. Additionally, they also acknowledge the dedicated and talented teams that work for such accomplishments.

QUT’s Unifyed WCMS delivers user profile-based content on the same webpage in a seamless manner. It incorporates some very innovative features, such as Custom Dashboard for content authors, Content Workflow at local and global levels, i.e. Notifications, Messages, Feedback, etc., Web Content Sharing App and other such functionalities.

The self-service Unifyed WCMS solution has enabled content coordinators to manage content, metadata, documents, media, publish requests all by themselves. Students, Administrators and faculty at QUT can now manage their frequently visited pages in Launchpad and can also contribute to improve the solution with the Feedback feature. Through Unifyed WCMS platform, students, staff and alumni at QUT can access a wide range self-service tools which promotes ease of work and quick delivery of desired content.

QUT’s Unifyed WCMS solution has enabled them to deliver better content and has improved user engagement with easy access to applications.

“At Unifyed, our main goal is to advance and optimize innovations while making these solutions easily accessible and deployable for Higher Ed. Institutions of all sizes, thus, enabling them to modernize and transform their campus. With scalable, agile and flexible WCMS solution from Unifyed, QUT is not only able to increase efficiency and productivity but can cut maintenance costs and fully reap the value of digital transformation,” said Jasreen Kaur, COO, Unifyed.

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