Identity Appendix J

Unifyed (School Name) - Unifyed Identity Migration

Phase 1 - Project Initiation

Project Communication

Review high-level project scope (MLSA)

Kick Off Prep & Discovery Document Review

Phase 2 - Kick Off

Checklist Verification

Project Kick off Meeting

Project Plan sign-off by member

Scope document sign-off by member

Phase 3 - Implementation

Phase 3.1 - Tenant Creation

QL SSO + IDP + CPS Tenant Creation

Phase 3.2 -LDAP Implementation

AD Whitelisting

Validating AD Test Account

Integrating AD with QL IDP

Testing AD Integration

Sign Off on AD Integration

Phase 3.3 - Design Implementation

Pre-Login Branding

Post-Login Branding

Sign Off on Design by member

Phase 3.4 - QuickLaunch SSO Configuration



SSO to Email

ECP configuration (if applicable in case of O365)

Setting up QuickLaunch Icons

Global Logout Configuration

UAT of SSO Implementation

Sign off on SSO by member

Phase 3.5 -Unifyed Portal Changes

Pointing Portal to QL4 infra (Test)

Phase 4 - Internal QA & UAT

Internal QA & UAT

Client QA & UAT

Phase 5 - Soft Launch

QuickLaunch 4 - SoftLaunch

Sign off on SoftLaunch

Phase 6 - HardLaunch

QuickLaunch 4 - HardLaunch

Phase 7 -Support Transition

QuickLaunch 4 - HardLaunch

Project Sign Off (by Member)

Transition to Support