Identity Appendix H

QuickLaunch (School Name) - QuickLaunch 4 Implementation Project

Phase 1 - Agreement Execution and Kick Off

Review High Level Scope/Kick off Prep and Disco doc Review

Checklist Verification

Project Kick Off Meeting

Project Plan sign-off by member

Scope document sign-off by member

Project Communication

Phase 2 -Tenant Creation and LDAP Implementation

QL SSO + IDP + CPS Tenant Creation

SchoolName - Whiteliste AD IP Addresses

Validating AD Test Account

Integrating AD with QL IDP

Testing AD Integration

Sign Off on AD Integration

Phase 3 - Design Implementation

Pre-Login Branding

Post-Login Branding

Sign Off on Design by member

Phase 4 - QuickLaunch SSO Implementation



SSO to Mail

Setting up QuickLaunch Icons

Global Logout Configuration

UAT of SSO Implementation

Sign off on SSO by member

Phase 5 - QA & UAT

Internal QA & UAT

Client QA & UAT

Sign off on UAT by member

Phase- 6- Soft Launch

QuickLaunch 4 - SoftLaunch

Sign off on SoftLaunch

Phase 7 - Hard Launch

QuickLaunch 4 - HardLaunch

Phase 8 - Support Transition

Client Sign Off

Transition to Support