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Unifyed Student – Admit

Unifyed Student – Admit enables recruiters to more effectively run campaigns to attract the right prospects to their institution and nurture them into applicants. It also enables the admissions team to review applications and make informed decisions on which students to admit into their institution and programs.



Easy-To-Use Prospect Management CRM

Unifyed Student – Admit helps recruiters nurture prospects from interest to application and deposit by segmenting prospects and tailoring email, SMS, paper mail, phone calls and face-to-face meetings and other communication touch points. It helps prospects learn about their university and how its programs will help meet their unique needs and further encourage them to apply.


Comprehensive Applicant Management

Unifyed Student – Admit helps admissions counselors evaluate applicants and make admissions decisions by using workflows and admissions checklists. Applicants are notified of admissions decisions and accepted applicants are directly updated into the student information system.


Event Management

Unifyed Student – Admit empowers event managers to create simple or complex multi-day, multi-session events, manage invitations and RSVPs and track attendance, as well as follow up with attendees or those who were unable to attend.

First Time User

AI-powered Enrollment Assistant

Unifyed Student – Admit helps prospects and applicants to communicate with an AI enrollment assistant who can answer their frequently asked questions such as: What is the Application Deadline? Have I submitted all my required documents? When will I hear about my decision? How do I find out if I was accepted? When should I file my FAFSA?


Data Imports & Integration

Unifyed Student – Admit helps institutions import prospect records and applications from 3rd party sources. In includes duplicate checking rules that helps in reducing the number of duplicate records. Accepted applicants are directly updated into student information systems such as Unifyed™, Banner™, Colleague™, PowerCampus™, Peoplesoft™, Jenzabar™, CampusNexus™ and Workday™.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unifyed Admit help institutions in automating the manual work of admissions and administrative processes. There are colleges and universities which are low-funded therefore, they have pricing as one of the factors which restrict them to choose the best CRM for their organization. Unifyed Admit is a cost-effective solution designed specifically considering the needs for such institutions. Furthermore, the systems in institutions are isolated from one another which requires a great deal of manual entry. Unifyed Admit is a complete student recruitment platform designed to help higher education institutions in automating their entire student recruitment process.

Unifyed build Unifyed Admit for meeting needs of an institution. Admit helps in tracking and reporting data in CRM which further helps in boosting engagement.

Unifyed Admit help institutions in building their complete SIS solution. It helps in managing various processes of different departments like streamlining students’ registration and admissions’ process and managing them effectively. Along with, this Unifyed Admit assists in organizing efficiently the business process from departments of Finance and HR.

Yes, Unifyed Admit can be directly integrated with SIS which eliminates any possibility of data duplicity. This helps in supporting all critical enrollment business processes. Unifyed Admit helps institutions in following a technical methodology which ensures seamless and successful process within the organization.

Unifyed admit helps in managing multiple calendars for multiple programs; segregate data for prospects and applicants based on set rules.

Unifyed Admit collates and fetches student data and information under one repository using manual, self-service or through migration.