Appendix B


Unifyed Features

Please see below for Unifyed' features which can be configured self–service
or via Unifyed Professional Services:



1. Unifyed Web Content Management Services

Unifyed Web Content Management System (WCMS) allows workflow to be delegated and controlled by the Content Authors, Content Publishers, and Content Approvers. The Unifyed WMCS helps you prevent bottlenecks that would otherwise form when only a handful of administrators are responsible for creating, reviewing and approving all content. Unifyed WCMS is the ideal solution for creating consistent and easy-to-update web and intranet sites.

2. Unifyed Drive

Unifyed Digital Campus provides integration into Unifyed Drive to manage documents.

3. Unifyed Web Form

Unifyed Digital Campus provides built-in, interactive web forms that can be customized and deployed within the Unifyed Digital Campus.

4. Unifyed Wiki

Unifyed Digital Campus provides full-scale Wikis to facilitate information capture and collaboration among designated project teams, such as classmates and department administrators. Expedite the editing process, bring continuity to communication, and take some of the work out of your work.

5. Unifyed Message Board

Unifyed Message Board allows for users to post conversations within departments and teams that rely on shared ideas and real-time feedback.

6. Unifyed Web Services Consumer for ERP Integration

Unifyed Web Services Consumer App is used to integrate with web-services compliant ERP to display grade, reports, class schedules etc.

7. Unifyed Message Center (Used for Targeted Messaging and as an Emergency Alert System)

Unifyed Message Center allows multiple, authorized users to send targeted text-based notices and alerts such as emergency bulletins, weather alerts, relevant warning and notifications that will appear on the Unifyed Digital Campus pages of individuals and groups based on user characteristics.

Using Unifyed Message Center, authorized users can send alerts that must be acknowledged before a user can move on, or alerts that appear on a page but still allow for use of the site.

8. Unifyed OWASP Security Center

Unifyed OWASP Security Center is a server-side, GUI-based Portlets that allows security levels to be configured for the EIR as well as individual Portlets deployed within the Unifyed Digital Campus. It leverages OWASP ("Open Web Application Security Project"), an open standard for security of web-based applications and makes use of white lists and exceptions lists to filter all the incoming and outgoing requests to the portal and can be custom-configured and modifiable at run-time by the Administrator.

In order to provide the best security posture to all Unifyed Clients, Unifyed fixes significant security vulnerabilities in severity order. As a result, the most critical issues are always fixed first. Fixes for security vulnerabilities are produced in the following order:

Main code line - that is the code being developed for the next major release of the product

Next patch set for all non-terminal releases

Critical Patch Updates for all supported patch sets that have not previously received the appropriate fix.

9. Unifyed ERP Smart Alerts

Unifyed Smart Alerts is an intelligent messaging system which will allow the ERP to send targeted alerts to end users:

Send grade information as soon as grades are posted/updated on portal

Program rules to auto-send alerts based on triggers. For example: Auto-send a hold notification to a user as soon as the hold status has been marked as active in your ERP

Alerts will be received via the preferred subscribed channel including Text Message, Email or Push Notification also based on the way the user has configured the same using Unifyed Messaging in the Unifyed Digital Campus.